February 20, 2018

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Jack Warren

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Through the Eyes of Jackie: Sanford Hall

Jackie tells the tale of Sanford Hall.

2014 Upper School Commencement

Check out Sanford News Network’s livestream of Sanford Upper School’s 2014 Commencement!

Through the Eyes of Jackie: Geipel Gym

Jackie recounts the history of Geipel Gym. Check out the video right here.

Through the Eyes of Jackie: The Cottages

Watch Jia Liu’s piece on Jackie Pitts and the cottrages around campus.

And We’re Back!

Hello everyone! Welcome to sanfordnews.net, Sanford News Network’s new website. You might notice...

Jack Warren


CHPMNK, which stands for Complete Hyper Processed Media Networking Kit is Sanford News...

Project Badger

Welcome to Project Badger (Basically A Designed Graphical E-content Reader), Sanford News Network’s...