February 21, 2018

Waterman’s legacy looms large

Look up at the sky, it’s a bird, its a plane, NO it’s Stan Waterman. Like the man of steel Waterman might seem almost superhuman.

Waterman’s first year here at Sanford was 1991 as an assistant basketball coach.

In 1993 Waterman came over full time as Dean of Students and Head Basketball coach. Waterman never thought he was going to be a dean.

“It was one of those things that just sorta happened” stated Waterman.

Before all of that, Waterman went to Howard, his freshman year was in 1981 and he graduated in 1984.

“It was probably the best time of my life” said Waterman.

At that time Howard was a community high school. Everyone looked up to going there.

“All the kids and families in your neighborhood all went to school together. You knew everyone even before you went there.”

“You looked forward to that time from when you were nine and 10,” said Waterman.

Waterman’s freshman year helped drive his school to the state finals.

“It was just exciting for me as a ninth grader to be a part of that team,” said Waterman.

Transitioning over to college basketball, Waterman went to the University of Delaware. Waterman majored in Psychology and played for their division one basketball team.

“Being able to play right here in the state of Delaware, my home state where everyone knew me it was awesome,” Waterman said.

After leaving college Waterman got a job as social worker. Then was at the New Castle County Vo tech school district as the admissions coordinator.

After other jobs, in 1993 Waterman joined us as Dean of Students and Head Coach of the Basketball team.

After coming in a year ago Head of Upper School Lynn Casto has noticed Waterman’s very good self control.

“There is just an inner calm to Mr. Waterman that I see. sometimes it doesn’t look that way on the basketball court, but he is a very centered person I am always impressed by his professionalism.” Said Casto.

Waterman is always there for his players on and off the court. One of the Basketball players, Tywan Harrell, said he is an amazing coach.

“He pushes you to the limit, he makes you work hard when you’re practicing. Even when we are not practicing, he makes you work hard.

Waterman wants his student athletes to do their best on and off the court. He loves his connections with his players.

“I love teaching and coaching,” Said Waterman.

Waterman has had many wins in his 23 year career here at Sanford, although he doesn’t keep track.

“I know we are over 400. We had the celebration for 400 a few years ago. I would guess we are somewhere around 450 wins.

Wherever you see him, Waterman will keep pushing for the best out of his students and athletes.

Harrell sums up Waterman to be a “Basketball champ slice.”


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