December 17, 2017

Project Badger

Welcome to Project Badger (Basically A Designed Graphical E-content Reader), Sanford News Network’s new website.  This website for Sanford News Network members to post stories themselves, easy manipulation of promoted stories, and advertisement of different facets of the student media program.

Project Badger is the third generation of Sanford News Network websites.  The first generation utilized Whipple Hill’s platform for creating a student-lead website.  The second generation was built using School Newspapers Online’s infrastructure.  The second generation website allowed little advanced customization, and was slow, unresponsive, and sluggish.  The lack of a clear navigational system resulted in a long and unwieldy homepage that had redundant information and too much content.

Project Badger fixed all these issues be starting over from scratch.  New hosting was procured, and clean WordPress (a flexible open-source blogging platform) was installed onto the website.  An entire graphic design style was created from the ground up, and adapted to Project Badger, digital signage around Sanford, and Sanford News Network’s Twitter and YouTube profiles.   This created an identity for Sanford News Network and what it had done.  Automatic content population is utilized across this website, allowing new stories to be promoted easily.  The website integrates with other projects, such as the digital signage, to further advertise content.  Project Badger is extremely flexible, and can be adapted to Sanford News Network’s future needs.


Credit for this project goes to Jack Warren for graphic design and website planning, creation, and maintenance, to Bloompixel for creation of some underlying theme elements, and to media adviser John Fritz for assistance in procuring needed resources.

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